''Some say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,
I say beauty is there to be recognized''

Johanna Ekmark

Johanna works with natural light and captures moments that breathe life. Photographer since 1996, she honed her craft in the years of analog cameras, color transparency and dark rooms. Born in Stockholm, Johanna has spent most of her life in Italy, where she has worked for high end advertising agencies, magazines, publishing companies and non-profit organizations throughout the country and abroad. Be it kid's fashion or travel stories, artisans or food, Johanna unveils the inherent beauty of the chosen subject. 

After two decades in the photography industry, a significant evolution was to create Caffe Italia, an independent art book series that weaves together a lifetime of visual and human discovery in Italy.
Johanna has also recently begun curating personal exhibitions within Europe and her fine art prints are now available for purchase, find some of them here.

Today she focuses on personal projects and is available for commissions and synergetic partnerships. For inquiries please send an