Photo art 

A selection of fine art prints from my photographic archive.

The photographs are printed on Hahnemuhle Cotton paper Photorag 308 gsm.
Each print is numbered and signed on the back, each size with a separate numbering.
The size 42cm x 59,6cm will be limited to 20 copies and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
The smaller sizes do not have a limit of copies.

The size referred to is the paper size; please consider a white frame of 1,5 cm - 3,5 cm around the printed area.
Please remember the colors shown on your screen might slightly differ from the art print.

Larger sizes are available on demand.

For enquiries, please


Orvieto in the morning fog

On an early September morning the Etruscan town suddenly appeared through the ephemeral morning fog.

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Man in red

in Monopoli, a beautiful coastal town in Apulia, Italy

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Spare parts

Found in a bicycle "non-competition" with vintage bikes in Tuscany.

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Caper 1

Read the story about the life and usage of this marvelous plant in il Numero Uno of Caffè Italia art book series.

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New moon over the hill

The new moon, viewed from the small small Etruscan village Vetulonia,Tuscany.

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Tuscan Road

in the sunset, a view that brings joy to the spirit!

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remember when you got stuck inside with 3-4 friends?

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Five eggs in a row

hens are different, so are eggs. 

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Caper in honey

Green is the color!
My friend Corrado Assenza preserves caper this way, meet him in Caffè Italia Il Numero uno &Due or at Caffè Sicilia in Noto, Sicily.

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Farro di Pacina

Spelt, an ancient cereal, grown organically in Tuscany

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Wine - I vigneri 1435

Wine made by 'i Vigneri 1435', a passionate group of winemakers in Milo, Sicily, that are deeply connected to ancient methods. They use tehniques as old as two thousand years and a wine press that has been used since 1840.
In this fine art print the juice streams on the pavement down to the tank.
You can read about wine and 'I Vigneri' 1435 in Caffè Italia - Il Numero Due

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Sunripe, direct from the veggiegarden

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Taking off

The freedom to travel with you mind wherever you wish.

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Summer evening & black sand

Sunset at the small beach Piscità, on the Island of Stromboli, with Strombolicchio in behind.
Stromboli, one of the Eolian islands north of Sicily, is in true the emerging top of an active vulcano.

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